Edgezine process

I have contributed to Edge-zine before but missed the last submission so I was keen to get something in for July, on the subject of Growth. Feeling inclined to do a bee-ish theme, I started with some honeycomb frottage, having liked the effect when I did it for a Part one exercise. The foundation worked better than the actual honeycomb as I could apply more pressure:

The paler sections on the paper are the bee-built honeycomb, the darker sections, the mechanically-impressed sheet of wax. I tried drawing a bee on top of the frottage but it was too dark so I thought about printing off a photo on to tracing paper and placing it over the top. I printed this one out:


…but it smeared rather and was too dark and heavily coloured to see the pencil marks underneath. However, on the paler sections of the photo, and especially where the bees’ wings are transparent in the sunlight, you could just about pick out the comb pattern underneath. I fiddled around in photoshop and got a really pale, rather ghostly effect:


After printing this out, I placed it on top of the sheet of foundation and rubbed over it with a 6B graphite stick, applying varying amounts of pressure. The pale parts of the photo really picked up the hexagonal pattern and I am pleased with the final effect:


The next copy of Edge will be available in July, on the Issuu link above.


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