Assignment 1 feedback

I’ve received my first report back from my tutor and I’m pleased that so far I seem to be on the right track. I’ve noticed my attitude is different now that I’m doing a course as part of the degree and I’m glad I did the Foundations course to introduce me as I would have definitely felt swamped if I’d gone straight in to Drawing 1.

Assignment 1 D1

The main points that Hayley has made are the following:

Using other artists’ work to find similarities in the work I do or in the exercises.

This is something that I didn’t really get into in Foundations and was flagged up by my tutor then! I suppose I simply don’t think to do so, and as I have probably said before, I’m never quite sure where to start. I’m hoping that the more I find through research and sinply exploring, the more pointers I will have rather than fumbling around trying to think of the correct thing to type in to Google.

Take time to practise compositions, experiment with materials and do preliminary drawings in sketchbook before committing to a final piece.

I really haven’t done this at all! I need to bond with my sketchbook and feel it is a place for me to explore my ideas, and Hayley suggested I separated it from my daily practise sketchbook, which is a good plan, and something I will do from now on. I like the idea of practise sketches allowing me to take more risks; I think I’ve always viewed it as a having to do some boring stuff before getting on to the real thing but I now see that it is a process and it can take me to different places.

Experiment with different papers and materials.

I do revert to charcoal as it’s quite forgiving and I like the look but I’ve been advised to try B-9B pencils to see what I can make of them! I’d love to try some different papers so I will invest in a few sample packs.

Include own interests.

Again, this was highlighted by my previous tutor, Emma, as I have a habit of getting so caught up in the instructions I forget that it’s me doing it and it feels more like homework! It makes more sense and is more enjoyable if I incorporate my own inspiration and ways of working within the context of the exercise.

So, all in all I feel encouraged and inspired to tackle Part 2.


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