Original Print Fair

I enjoy going to art fairs as much as I find Tate and other galleries inspirational, it’s interesting to see what is on the market and popular with people who actually buy and sell contemporary art. I love prints – partly because I love paper and printing seems to show paper off to such good effect – so I went up to the Royal Academy for a nose round.

There were some big names such as Dali, David Hockney, Sol Le Witt and Bridget Riley. The other good thing about fairs is that you can get up close and take pictures without getting a hard stare from the attendant. I know very little about the different printing processes so that was a bit confusing but the variety was amazing. A couple of the stand-out pictures for me were these:

IMG_5401This woodblock print, “Looking South” from Pine Feroda is huge and just glorious.

I also thought this one from Susan Goethel Campbell was stunning – the dots are perforations and allow light through which gives a brilliant effect:


Enter a caption

It was a fun afternoon and great to see the folk at Jealous and generally soak up the atmosphere. Vija Celmins’ ‘Comet 1992’, Bill Jacklin’s ‘Tempest in the Square’ and Emil Lukas’ monoprints were stunning. Emma Stibbon’s fabulous new print “Vent” was on display too at the Rabley Gallery stand.

I would love to do a printing module as part of my degree as I really enjoyed that section of Foundations Drawing.




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