Exercise 3 – Creating shadow using lines and marks

The simple object I chose for the first part of this exercise was a book, the aim being to create four distinct grades of tone using cross-hatching and stippling.  I used a purple biro, brush pen, pencil and fineliner. The light was natural daylight from the window and I tried to do blocks of tone rather than outlines, which I found really difficult! The text said to not worry about neatness or accuracy so I focussed on trying to get a convincing graduation of tone:


I then tried a box and used a brushpen and fineliner to explore some different ways of demonstrating tone:


I like the more abstract one in the bottom left corner and the stippled one is also effective. I still find I instinctively draw in an outline and fill it in but I just need to keep practising that one…

For the second part I added a book and two small boxes to the still life and had a go at drawing the group. The interlocking shadows were interesting and there was more variation in tone so I tried some different marks to represent this. It looks very messy and rushed but the text said to work quickly and loosely. I do think they look like objects and they have a three dimensional quality; they lack solidity but I’m not sure how to do straight lines with crosshatching without resorting to drawing an outline so the edges are fuzzy:


The examples for this exercise in the course text have definite outlines so sometimes I find the instructions rather contradictory! I feel I am getting better at seeing areas of tone so I’m trying to resist always going for the outline and then filling in.


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