Drawing circus

This event was held a few weeks ago in the stunning setting of the music room in the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. A selection of costumed models were arranged in different areas of the room, and we were given a ‘menu’ of pose lengths so we could move around depending on what sort of drawing we wanted to do. It was a magical atmosphere with the Drawchestra playing in the background and about 80 artists gathered together. Materials were provided so I went for 6B graphite stick and A2 paper, and as I prefer short poses I chose the 3, 5 and 15 minute models. Here are some of my drawings from the evening:


The top two are each 15 minutes, the ones on the bottom two sheets are 3 minutes each. I had a great time although I did find clothes a bit distracting as when I was doing the 100 people challenge! And I still breathe a sigh of relief when the time is up and I’ve not got round to doing any facial features. I much prefer feet.



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