Exercise 2 – Observing shadow using blocks of tone

This exercise required two simple, pale objects to be placed so that the light fell on one side. I used a hardback book and a small woven basket and placed them so that the daylight from the window lit them from the left.

To start with I sketched in the main shapes with charcoal as the contrast wasn’t that dramatic, and with only two objects, the shadows not that complex. I wasn’t sure how much detail to put in as the woven texture of the basket created lots of tiny shadows – too fiddly for charcoal and I decided intricacy wasn’t the aim of the exercise. Here is my drawing:

A2 cartridge paper, willow charcoal

The pale areas are whiter than they should be but I am pleased with this as I have been stumped by tonal values thus far and I think this gives a definite sense of three-dimensional form. The ellipse is inaccurate and I think the book bells out a bit at the base but I like it as a drawing, and as with the previous exercise, I can see that I’ve improved and feel more confident since I did something similar for Foundation Drawing. It’s also good working big and I would like to try a drawing with more contrasting shadows.


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