Exercise 1 – Groups of objects

For this exercise, I gathered a group of objects varying in shape, size and regularity of form. On a sheet of A2, I sketched out the basic shapes in charcoal and then started to fill in some of the shadows. I’m not terribly good at ellipses and the instructions said to imagine the contents of the containers but this stumped me a bit. The charcoal is quite unwieldy for detail and I wasn’t sure how to execute porridge oats or paprika. I was possibly being too literal or perhaps hadn’t chosen my packets with this part of the brief in mind! The text also said to think about the relationship between the edges of the forms and the picture plane; I sort of understood this conceptually but it was a bit of a leap for me to work out how I could do it. I was worried about drawing in the surface of the table as it would then just look a bit messy and contrived? Here it is:


I wasn’t sure how much detail to put in, or how loose the drawing should be. Suffice to say I didn’t really get to grips with what I was meant to be doing and I tried again in conté but that went completely wrong so I decided to quite while I was ahead…

What I am pleased about is that I remember doing a similar exercise for Foundations Drawing and well, I have definitely improved in my ability to get objects relating to each other and in the space.


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