Drawing Biennial 2017

This is an event held at the Drawing Room in Bermondsey, and I was keen to go as it was visiting this event in 2015 which formed part of my nascent interest in drawing, leading to where I am now. The organisers of the Biennial send a sheet of A4 paper out to artists all over the world and wait for the responses to be returned. There are no rules regarding what the artists do, and they are under no obligation to return any artwork, but what does come back is displayed and then auctioned to raise revenue for the Drawing Room project. I really like this and it’s fantastic to see work from people I have heard of and admired, and discover new artists. It’s accessible too as there are 248 drawings, all the same size, and all given the same prominence, and arranged alphabetically. I find this level playing field is a brilliant way to view art from a purely aesthetic standpoint, and the paper is simply hung, protected by a sheet of acetate but you can take photos and get up close as of course the pieces are for sale.

I really liked the following ones:


Better picture and bio of artist here! I love the simplicity of line and sketchiness of the drawing.

I liked this one too, because of the shaded orb in the centre and the small marks around the outside:


Again, a better picture here. This drawing reminds me of Daniel Zeller’s ink and acrylic art with the fine detailing (p332-333 of Vitamin D).

There were about 15 I felt were particularly good and I recommend a visit, and certainly a perusal at the website as there are collages, monoprints as well as all manner of drawings.





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