Warm-up: temporary drawings

This exercise is about leaving a mark, and that remembering that drawing is not only done by artists. Temporary drawings are “fleeting, expressive and playful”.

My first drawing is one which is temporary in the sense that it will disappear. I took an A2 sheet of paper and arranged mealworms and corn on it in patterns:


I then opened the door of the chicken’s run – see this link for a YouTube clip of how they responded!

This is what I was left with:


This is a sort of drawing in itself – marks on a page: indentations from the chickens’ beaks, and footprints.

Two more: drawing in the layer of dust behind the steering wheel, and dragging my boot through the mud in the layby:

It was an interesting exercise as it made me wonder what constitutes drawing. There are catkins all over the hazel and alder trees around here and if you flick them, pollen flies in to the air; I’ve initiated this sudden puff of yellow dust so does that mean I am drawing?

I liked this more chaotic/high entropy idea as it appeals to the experimental side of me so I put some used tea leaves on a plate and poured water in to them to create patterns. I then swirled the water round to make a vortex and allowed the particles to settle:


I really like these and enjoyed the messy, experimental aspect of this drawing as I am learning to investigate this part of my creativity. This was my favourite part of the exercise, although I enjoyed seeing my hens tackle the the impromptu mealworm treat with such gusto.

What I will take from this exercise is a broadening of what I think of as drawing. It would be useful to use it if I get stuck or in a creative cul-de-sac, to widen the parameters.


2 Replies to “Warm-up: temporary drawings”

  1. I love the tea leaves patterns. There is something calm or even serene about them, maybe it’s the gradual shifting of tone and the soft rounded lines of it. And your chickens are gorgeous 🙂


  2. Yes I thought the tea leaves were really effective. Glad you like the chooks! The cockerel was beside himself with excitement being able to bestow such a lovely gift to his ladies!!


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