#OneWeek100People2017 continued…

Thursday was a pretty poor day with me only managing 5 whilst sitting in the station car park:


This meant I had the small matter of 52 people to draw on Friday, but some clandestine sketching on the train up, at Victoria station and in Foyles cafe (lots of people nicely distracted with their laptops) and the train back left me at 95. I borrowed my daughter and son (again) and a couple of people off the tv and that was my 100 done! It was a bit of a marathon and I felt as if I was running out of steam by the end of the train journey home but I am really pleased with myself and it’s been a fantastically useful exercise.

I focussed mainly on faces/heads strangely, and despite being pretty good at hands at life class I clearly can’t draw them when I’m in a hurry! I also found legs and general body shape difficult to get proportioned despite having clothes to help me get the shapes. But I loved the speed, and scribbling with a fineliner, and I enjoyed searching out people who looked interesting. Inevitably there were times when the person moved and I had to fill in the blanks – with variable success.

Here are my sketches, in my A5 sketchbook and using pencil or my sepia fineliner and brushpen:

I really valued the commitment of this – it seems a lot and it was hard work but I would never have stuck with it without the community aspect of it. I usually scribble a bit on the train but I will absolutely carry on with this discipline and try and develop the technique of capturing the movement and keeping my sketches loose and gestural.


3 Replies to “#OneWeek100People2017 continued…”

  1. Fantastic fantastic! You did 100 in one week – was that the goal? Such a good idea – to really push yourself to just pick up the pen, no matter how little time or how little prepared, just to go for it. I’m impressed, I’m quite sure I don’t have the discipline for that. Did you find it got easier? You improved? You began developing a style?

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  2. Thank you! – yes, 100 people from 6-10 March (so only 5 days!!) and I’m not sure I improved but I definitely felt more confident about just diving in. Scribbling with a fineliner is my sort of go-to method as it doesn’t smudge and I like the look of it and there’s no point in rubbing anything out anyway, but it does mean I didn’t really stretch myself in that regard!


  3. Congrats! There is a definite improvement I would say. The growing confidence shows in the linework. Thanks for joining in the challenge and sharing your experiences!


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