This event was brought to my attention by a fellow student on the Foundation Drawing forum, and I thought it would be a good exercise for me to focus on while I am reading through the course notes for Drawing 1.

I do really like gesture sketches and love the freedom of scribbling something down in a matter of seconds – the short warm up poses are one of my favourite parts of life drawing sessions. I realised my main problem would be sheer volume of people as I live on a country lane surrounded by fields!

My usual trip to London on Monday proved a rich seam to mine especially as all the train travellers were on their phones so I could sketch fairly openly! I did 20 drawings during the two journeys and whilst I had dinner:

I’m using an A5 sketchbook for this challenge and whatever implement I have to hand!

I’ve focussed mainly on heads and upper torsos and have attempted to capture a pose and stick with it as obviously people do keep moving, and one can’t stare too obviously…

Tuesday required some definite planning and I met with a friend who is also doing the challenge and we went to the pub. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t that busy given it was midweek and hardly balmy weather but we managed a few sketches and despite some slightly odd looks, we weren’t barred!

Today was a struggle as a couple of assumed opportunities didn’t materialise, so I ended up with a 15 minutes in a supermarket cafe where I cracked on and did another 10:

So, my target of 60 by the end of today is at 42; bit of catching up to do in the next 2 days, although we are up in London again on Friday so that should see the week out nicely! My confidence has increased hugely and although I get a terrible fit of the giggles sometimes when I look at my sketch compared to the real person it has been a really useful exercise.

I will be doing more whole people and also varying the scale and trying some groups. The emphasis is on speed and gesture so I don’t want to lose the spontaneity or looseness of my sketching. Watch this space!



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